AO Research Institute Davos medical research fellowships

The purpose of the AO Research Institute Davos fellowships is to provide motivated surgeons and scientists with on-site research training to gain experience in R&D projects focusing on relevant clinical problems. These fellowships are not clinical in nature and do not foresee any interaction with patients.

The application deadline for 2024 is September 30, 2022. Decisions will be communicated by January 2023.

No more fellowships are available for 2022 and 2023.

Benefits of an AO Research Institute Davos fellowship

  • Creation of tangible research results
  • Possibility of a research publication as a co-author (depending upon fellowship time and level of input)
  • Knowledge about how to approach research challenges
  • Inspiration from being part of a world-renowned international multidisciplinary R&D team
  • Inside knowledge of the AO
  • Enlargement of personal network
  • Certificate of AO Research Institute Davos fellowship
  • Your choice of an AO book as a memento on completion of the fellowship
  • One year free membership of appropriate clinical division

Application process

Please download, fill in the application form, and submit it along with your CV, a cover letter explaining your motivation, and two signed letters of recommendation giving contact details for your referees. An electronic copy of all certificates must also be attached. PDFs of all documents will be accepted.

Fellowship duration

Fellowships last twelve months (in exceptional cases this can be limited to six months, if sufficient justification is provided in the application). The application must be submitted by the deadline set for the year requested.

Before submitting

An AO Research Institute Davos fellow will be assigned to a project based on the applicant's indication of his/her areas of interest from among the AO Research Institute Davos Focus Areas (in order of preference), as stated in the cover letter and application form.

In addition, applicants must indicate which AO specialty they would like to be placed in contact with during the fellowship in their cover letter: AO TraumaAO SpineAO CMF, or AO VET.

Application review process

The application will be reviewed within AO Research Institute Davos and after a decision has been made (as outlined in the request guidelines), a letter informing the applicant of this decision will be sent. Successful applications will require a contract to be signed. The allowance to start will be dependent upon successful application for a work visa within Switzerland. A stipend for one person, covering living costs in Davos, will be provided. The stipend is not enough to provide for anyone else (eg, partner/children). You will not be able to bring your family to Davos during your fellowship, unless your visitors stay in a separate hotel or apartment. Our agreements with the tenants for single rooms are only for single use, and pets are not permitted. No support is offered to help applicants find accommodation for relatives. No support for visa applications for relatives, or for pet-related travel permits, is provided.

We encourage self-financed fellowship applications (from people who have been able to secure funding from their hospitals, national societies, education foundations, government grants, etc).


Claudia Barblan

Administration Assistant