Western Orthopaedic Association Fellowship

Orthopedic Fellowship - Out-Patient TJA

Start Date July 2022

Offering a 1 year, unaccredited fellowship , solely focused on outpatient total joint replacement with Thomas D. Ferro, M.D. at the NANOKNEE INSTITUTE FOR OUTPATIENT TOTAL JOINT REPLACEMENT.  Includes hands on clinical research, direct involvement in the business model development, and post-fellowship professional support.

Conceived, developed, and perfected by board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Thomas Ferro, Nano® is the pinnacle of perfection and precision for patients in need of joint replacement.

You will learn to perform seamless outpatient surgery using Nano’s® proprietary preoperative Blueprinting fit implant and nano’s unique surgical approach which translate into tangible real world patient benefits, solving problems in classic TJA techniques so well that you never hear about them. With Nano, you will be able to get your patients walking within 60 minutes of surgery, return home within 2 hours, and walk the equivalent of five kilometers within the first week.

Nano established entirely new norms that have been experienced over and over by the patients of this proven technology. No two Nano® surgeries are done exactly alike, and the implant material is perfectly adapted to your patient’s own unique anatomy, with 3D-printed pieces produced to restore the joints most important connection.

Nano® preserves as much of the patients good ligaments, muscle, and noon tissue as possible, making for an outpatient surgery that can be done under only local anesthesia and IV sedation.


  • Degree: MD/DO
  • Board Certification: Preferred, but not required; BE/BC
  • Licensed without restrictions, to practice in California
  • Authorized to work in the US

Please submit Resume to Jaclyn Feula at Jaclyn@bonejointcenter.com