AO Trauma Fellowships Program 2022

Applications deadline: January 31, 2022

AO Trauma fellowships aim to enhance orthopedic training and continuous professional development. They provide additional experience in surgical techniques for residents and fully trained surgeons who are dedicating the main part of their practice to orthopedic trauma care. We want to help these surgeons to deepen their understanding of fracture care and further develop their skills. AO Trauma Fellowships also familiarize surgeons with the principles, indications, planning, techniques, and complications in the areas of orthopedic trauma care performed at the center visited.

The AO Trauma fellowships in 2022 are exclusively available for AO Trauma Members from Europe and Southern Africa for a fellowship within their region and can be granted for a duration from 6 to maximum 12 weeks in one of our renowned ESA Trauma centers. Interested members can submit applications during the period of January 3–31, 2022.

Further information

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