Team of Orthopaedic  consists of

Ms Nilam Jhagiani
Ms Nilam Jhagiani

CEO : Orthopaedic Fellowships

Academic Team

Ashok Shyam
Dr Ashok Shyam (Mumbai)

Dr Neeraj Bijlani
Dr Neeraj Bijlani (Mumbai)

Dr Shadab Reyaz
Dr Shadab Reyaz (Patna)



We invite more people to join the Editorial Board of

Duties of Editorial Board Member:

  • Gather Details of New Fellowships and send to the OF office by email
  • Look for updates on various fellowships an provide correction to the OF office
  • Spread the word about so that the outreach is improved and more colleagues can have access to this information
  • Commitment toward the cause of and collaborative teamwork

If you wish to join us please send your application to with your resume and recent photograph.